SOKO7 rose to prominence as the Grammy-winning producer behind Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” but his love for performing music himself, a passion that has lingered since childhood, will be the role that heralds him transatlantic fame.

The multi-hyphenate artist was born and raised in Zimbabwe, before relocating to the United States in High School. From an early age, Soko was interested in music although his parents were education advocates and encouraged academic excellence. He grew up listening to African and Dancehall music where he became influenced by the likes of Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas and Shabba Ranks. In between schoolwork and playing soccer (his jersey number was 7, hence the moniker), the formidable music connoisseur began dabbling in rapping, producing and songwriting. He used his unique life perspective as the narrative for his rhymes but quickly concluded that no one would want to hear the thoughts of a coming of age teen immigrant. Soko then decided to commit his talents to being behind the boards instead of inside the booth. He felt that building a reputation as a producer first and providing the soundtrack to tell other people’s stories would someday allow him to tell his own. At 16, he crafted his first beat and immediately knew he had found his calling.