Prophetic Blessings was started on 2nd October 2004. The purpose of this ministry is to awaken those in the Body of Christ with Prophetic gifts to arise to their fullest potential by the power of the Holy Ghost. Spiritual Protocol in a principal area of training in this ministry. Prophetic Blessings is branch ministry of Joy Christian Centre International.Joy Christian Centre International is a Church based in Kings Cross, London – England. The ministry is a Church plant of Trinity Baptist, West Norwood, London. It began as a house group in Wembley, in May 1997. Joy Christian Centre International was first called Joy Baptist Church and has had to change to it’s current name.The ministry is graced with the anointing to preach and teach the liberating gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with a demonstration of the power and presence of God. JCCI has one goal: To share God’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the world. We want everyone to have an opportunity to know the real Jesus – Approachable, Loving, Compassionate and full of joy, that’s the Jesus the leaders of JCCI know and love. And it’s our mission in life to make sure everyone on earth has an opportunity to know Him too. Pastor Pat together with her husband Prophet Jerome Mensah oversee the church. They have a team of young and dynamic individuals whose giftings are a great blessing to the ministry.

Our Mission Statement
The church of Jesus Christ exists to bring the knowledge of God, His plan for mankind and power to our world. Every church demonstrates the purpose of God in it’s own unique way. Joy Christian Centre International is assigned the duty of raising a generation of young men and women of God who are passionate about God, serving Him in holiness and in righteousness; a mission minded church that believes in evangelism and church planting; a church that allows the demonstration of the holy spirit in our gatherings bringing wholeness to all who will believe.